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  • How to clean a shower cubicle

    When you get to the bathroom, there is no need for cleanliness: the bathroom fixtures, the mirrors, the carpets, the shower, everything must be impeccable or at least sanitized. Certainly the most difficult to clean is the shower cubicle: soap residue, limescale, mould, stains and so on and so forth. Let's not despair: there are various remedies, natural and otherwise, to keep our shower cubicle always clean. Among these, consistency is essential: keeping the shower cubicle always clean will prevent the formation of harder and more difficult to eliminate encrustations.

  • Trends 2021 - Garden furniture

    The 2021 garden furniture trend is the garden. The Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed our habits, consequently our needs have also changed. Having spent much more time at home, cramped and constrained, has redefined the needs of our living spaces. Space itself has become a necessity, especially if external. A habitable balcony, a terrace or even better a garden have become "never again without".

  • Agevolazioni fiscali: bonus e novità 2021

    Tax breaks: bonuses and news for 2021

    From the furniture bonus to the water bonus, there are still many benefits provided for 2021 by the new Budget Law. In 2021 it will be possible to take advantage of the renovation bonus for extraordinary maintenance of buildings or building renovation; mobile bonuses; green bonus and water bonus, new this year. But let's see specifically what it is.

  • Come montare un box doccia

    How to assemble a shower cubicle

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  • Tips for buying a shower enclosure

    When purchasing a shower cubicle you need to evaluate several factors. In addition to the aesthetic aspect we must consider the functional aspect. The best shower cubicle is the one that best suits the style of your bathroom while harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Therefore it is better to choose, beyond aesthetic factors, solutions that improve the use of the product.

  • Come prendere le misure di un piatto doccia

    How to take measurements of a shower tray

    How to take measurements of a shower tray

  • Agevolazioni IVA

    VAT concessions

    VAT benefits: what they are and how to take advantage of them. Regulation 127, redevelopment, 4, 10, 22, are just some of the words and numbers that pop up as soon as you google "VAT benefits". It is necessary to clarify. The bathroom furniture sector is one of the possibilities for purchases with reduced VAT. Below, we report the cases, how and on what it can be applied.


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